Trees at Night

Tree at Night, 1


This is my first attempt at “painting with light.”  It is accomplished by setting up your camera before dark using a tripod.  I used my Canon 5D MK II, a 24-105mm f/4L lens, with  the ISO at 100.  I pushed my cable shutter at 10:30 pm with the exposure set at 30 seconds.  While the camera is “shooting” you “paint” the tree with flash lights.  I converted one image to black and white.

Tree at Night, B&W 1

I was raised in Saudi Arabia where trees were few and far between.  That is probably why I am attracted to trees now as a photographer … they seem to become more beautiful with age.  Perhaps like us humans … but, when you look past the wrinkles and sagging curves … and finally see each others true inner beauty.