John-Christer’s   Open  Heart

Aperta Cor

“Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28


Welcome to my website  Open Heart  (aperta cor).  Some of you may chuckle.  But what could be more appropriate?  After 37 years assisting in heart surgery it only seemed logical.

One of my favorite places to unwind is Bandon, Oregon.  It is a magical town along the southern Oregon coast with a display of majestic rocks jutting out of the surf in an endless array of shapes and sizes.  The sandy beach is easily accessible and extends for many miles.

It seems to beckon me to take lengthy walks along the water’s edge.  And as my senses take in all its splendor – – the rhythmic crashing of the waves, the plumes of spray exploding off the rocks, and the seemingly infinite expanse of the ocean – – I somehow feel so insignificant and I begin to ‘open my heart‘ to The Creator and all my worries seem to melt away.

I have been encouraged to “open my heart” and share some of my thoughts and photos.  This of course is a work in progress but will eventually include stories of my Swedish Connection, being Danish, my early years in Arabia, what ever may be ‘on my heart’ and of course some photography.

Why the Latin instead of Swedish or Danish?  Now therein lies the beginning of a story.  Check out my blog  Franciscus Meus  for the “rest of the story” on “My Francis.”

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